Aviva Werner headshot
Aviva Werner

I love to read. For me, books are right up there with food and oxygen in the category of basic necessities. My first forays into publishing were as an editor for BabagaNewz, a Jewish children’s magazine. With time, I began to write articles for the magazine in addition to my tasks as managing editor. Next, as an editor at Behrman House, a Jewish educational publisher, I became intimately acquainted with the wonderful world of book publishing. I wrote one book, then another, and another. I discovered that not only do I love to read…I love to write, too!

I write for adults and children in a variety of genres and styles. I am the author of three Jewish picture books, a Holocaust memoir, and several Jewish textbooks. My articles have been published by Binah Magazine, Behrman House, aish.com, Hamodia’s Inyan Magazine, Mishpacha Junior, Highlights, BabagaNewz Magazine, and Teacher Magazine.

Additionally, I teach a creative writing workshop for kids and run a free lending library. I live in Maryland with my husband and six children.


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