Around the Clock (Feldheim 2014)

In this beautifully illustrated book, author Aviva Werner and artist Avi Katz team up to capture the essence of a day in the life of a Jewish child. Page by page, children will love learning to recognize the hour hand on the clock and how it relates to their own day.

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Gavriel’s Storm
Coming December 2015…
“Gavriel’s Storm is an excellent example of how a close, trusting relationship, together with a straightforward explanation of facts can quell a child’s anxiety. For that matter, it will work for adults, too.” —Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski, M.D.
“Gavriel’s Storm offers guidance on validating children’s inner feelings while simultaneously instilling yesodos ha-emunah into their hearts and minds. While it takes the form of an enchanting children’s book focusing on natural wonders, it is also recommended as a fine resource for today’s Torah-observant parent.” —Rabbi Shmuel Yaakov Klein
Available at feldheim.com.

Tools of the Trade cover2 flat (2)

Tools of the Trade (Israel Bookshop 2015)

In this delightful children’s book, author Aviva Werner explores many common Jewish jobs and the tools each one requires. Your child will be enthralled by the guessing game on each page, as well as by the adorable illustrations that adorn each one—while at the same time gaining valuable knowledge about many “Jewish professions.”

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